1. Financing

    2. We deal with quite a few banks, depending on the credit needs of the customer. When deciding which lender to send the credit application to, we consider things like age of the RV and the customer's previous credit history. The majority of our lenders ask for a minimum of 10% of the unit cost as the down payment. Loan terms vary depending on age and cost of the RV.

    1. Credit Application Instructions:

      1. Download credit application.*
      2. Fill out all fields of credit application.
      3. Sign and date credit application.**
      4. Send signed credit application with a copy of driver’s license to sales@kennedalecampersales.com or fax to 817-483-9139


      Download Our Credit Application

      *Note: We use the US Bank credit app because all of our lenders will accept it.

      **Note: An unsigned credit application or credit applications without copy of driver’s license will not be processed.