Pre-travel Tips

When planning a trip in your camper or RV, there are so many things to prepare for- where do you start?! We have compiled a small list to get you started. Whether you want to go visit friends or relatives or you want to go explore a new area, here are some ideas on how to have a pleasant journey.

Prior to doing any traveling in your camper or RV with your canine friends, be sure to give their coats a very thorough brushing. This will ensure the interior of you car does not get too hairy. Make sure to pack dog essentials, like water and food bowls, medication, nail clippers, and waste bags for your dog.

When packing your bag for a trip it is important to pack clothing that can be worn multiple days. Pants that can be  unsnapped and worn as shorts and shirts made of breathable material are really helpful. Outdoor clothing is easy to wash and hang up to try as well. See our previous blog post on recommended camping gear.

The Internet is great when you have connection! But once you are outside of a network, you may find that old fashioned maps and compasses are your best friends. Make sure you have them with you at least as backup.

Never underestimate the effects of the weather when you travel. You should always check the weather forecast for your destination. If the weather is not what you expect, it can completely ruin your carefully planned vacation.

When traveling, it is vital that you have all the required visas to pass from country to country. So for anyone traveling north to Canada, be sure you have done your research. You can get this information from the embassy, your travel agent, or online sources.

If you are going to be a frequent visitor to the national parks, it only makes sense to get a yearly pass. The cost is only 50 dollars and good for admission to all national parks for the one year time frame. This is an EXCELLENT investment for those of us traveling by RV and motor home.

What tips would you add to the list?

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